Healing Hearts History

wood table

Vision comes from the heart of God and is focused at Man. Healing Hearts Ministries Inc. began as a result of seeds that were planted at a Rising Above seminar. A vision began to form for a place where people could come with all their wounds, pains, and failures and bring them to the foot of the cross in a safe, loving, and nonjudgmental environment; literally, a spiritual hospital. The thoughts and ideas started to come together and as the vision was shared it ministered to the hearts of those who heard it.

The vision of a spiritual hospital was real but there was no idea of what it would look like. Would it be a counseling centre, a support group, a twelve-step program, or would it look like a church? It was during a time of sharing this vision over a cup of coffee, sitting at a picnic table, that the vision became a reality. Why couldn't we have church around tables over a cup of coffee and spend a special time each week where we could bring all of who we are before the throne of God?

group of people

Sunday, September 4, 1994, was the start of the new concept ministry; following this vision would be an exercise in obedience.

Healing Hearts Ministries Inc. has continued to grow and evolve. What started as a few people sitting around a table with a cup of coffee sharing all their pain and bringing one another before the throne of God has developed into a vibrant local church with many missionaries and an ever increasing influence in the community we minister to.


Healing Hearts Ministries Inc. has also changed from being just a local church to a mission organization that empowers, equips, and energizes people for the work of ministry at various locations across western Canada.

As this vision has grown, we have seen a number of churches planted and other churches encouraged by the vision started by such a small seed many years ago. The vision to see a spiritual hospital has never left but is now being fulfilled by our ever growing team. Together we strive to “Bring the Healing Touch of Jesus to Wounded Hearts.”