Ministry Values

Our primary teaching is that Jesus Christ is Lord. Yes, He is also Saviour, but we are called to accept Him as Lord of our lives. He intends for us to serve Him with our lives, which includes our time, talent and resources as well as our person. He will provide for those who serve Him and place Him first in their lives, but will also allow them to realize the consequences of sin in their lives and the world around them.

In our fellowship, we have found that we have been called to minister too many who have come from an abusive past. This set of teachings deals with our approach in working with people whom have gone through the various types of abuse which are prevalent in the community in which we deal with and in society as a whole. These abuses take the form of physical, sexual, emotional, spiritual, psychological, intellectual, or any other form of abuse existing today.

First Principle:

All wounded people....

  • Go through levels of powerlessness.
  • Try to rob others of power to fill the void in their own lives.
  • Have difficulty making self-decisions but enjoy making others' decisions.
  • Have difficulty in trusting self, others, and God.

Second Principle:

Helping these people means....

  • Allowing them to feel the consequences of their actions (sins).
  • Being able to show them that the road to change is easier than the road to stay the same.
  • Providing education to develop direction as the motivation of experienced consequences comes into play.
  • Avoid making decisions for them but encourage individuals to make and follow through on personal decisions.
  • Show tough love including strategic interventions while avoiding rescuing.

Third Principle:

Reaching these people means....

  • Praying for the thorough convicting power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Painting realistic pictures of the price to pay to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.
  • Being honest and open about personal struggles and journeys.
  • Maintaining relationship regardless of decisions made and the consequences thereof.