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Alysham, SK and Beyond - "No Strings Attached" Ministry

Drawing Children to Christ with ‘no strings attached.’

 The ministry of "No Strings Attached" has been around for the past 17 or so years, and most recently, in Dec. 2015 has joined up with Healing Hearts ministry to reach out to children and families across our country, and even beyond to places like Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico.

Carl and Brenda Ens travel throughout the year, but especially in the summer months to minister on First Nations reserves, at Camps where a mixture of both First Nations and other children attend, and in churches sharing Vacation Bible School ministry in various places

They use tools such as Black Light Chalk talks, Marionette plays, drama, object lessons, storytelling, etc. etc.

The gospel is shared to hungry hearts. The ministry also includes holding services in the little community of Aylsham, SK, where we are also finding people to be hungry for God's Word!

Another area of ministry includes sharing Dramatic stories of the lives of Biblical and Historical characters from whose lives many lessons can be learned.