Journey Group Ministries

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We recognize that wounds occur in relationships when trust is damaged. For healing to occur something must happen to overcome the damage. The aim of a Journey Group is to rebuild trust in the context of relationships. We believe in a group process that actively builds up one another in love. For this to occur, three things must be experienced: grace, truth and safe community.

A Journey Group provides an opportunity for participants (usually 4-7) to share damaging life experiences that have been damaging in an environment that is safe and guided by two trained facilitators. Biblical core concepts are taught at the beginning of each session, illustrated by the presenters own life experiences. Personal home-work and group exercises frame the small group sharing time. Participants learn how to respond to one another in ways that balance grace and truth and lead to emotional and spiritual growth.

A Journey Group is an emotionally intense small group experience coupled with Biblically based lessons intended to help train and equip participants to recognize and work on their own stories and how their story affects their lives and the lives of the people around them. We use material developed by Open Hearts Ministry which presents twelve 30 minute teaching sessions followed by 90 minute small group sessions under the care and guidance of trained leaders. This experience based model of teaching invites you to look at your own story (both the smooth and rocky roads you’ve traveled) before understanding more fully the redemption available to all. The Journey offers an understanding that can only be fully understood as you open your heart to all that God has.