Native Fellowship Church (Loon Lake, SK) Partnership

Partnering with InterAct Ministries []

loon sign house

The Native Fellowship Church of Loon Lake is situated on the Makwa Sahgaiehgan First Nation in northwestern Saskatchewan. The church was started in the 1980's; they acquired their own building in 1987. The church was on its own for awhile but later asked for help from other missionaries. Today the men of the church do the leadership with a missionary doing much of the preaching; men of the church preach at various times.

In 2013, a 72-foot mobile home was donated to the church; this has been very helpful in being able to start a children's church during the morning service with some of the women taking turns teaching the children. They are working on getting gas, electricity, water, and sewer hooked to the trailer which will also provide a kitchen and bathroom, since the main building has no water. Initially the church was mostly one extended family; it has been encouraging to see growth and have other families on the first nation getting involved.

Joni Taylor has served in this church under the umbrella of Healing Hearts since September 2010.