Healing Hearts Ministry Nipiwan(Nipawin, SK)


In 2009 a small group of Native Christian leader's got together to discuss the burden of providing a place of fellowship for the Native community in Nipawin, Sk. Bert and Liz Genaille had been living in Nipawin for about a year when the burden for this ministry was presented to them. The idea was that there were several churches in the town but for some reason they, by their own admission, were not having success in reaching out to the native community.


The native believer's from Prince Albert and Montreal Lake believed that there were several Christians in the native population in Nipawin who would surely come out for fellowship if there was a church that they felt was theirs. In 2010, Ken & Debbie Matthews joined the team. A building became available for rent and a grand opening service was planned for the spring of 2010. The native community was invited to attend and over the course of the next few years the building of relationships has taken place with ministries extended to families of all shapes and sizes.

The ministry team has become three full-time couples with two Cree elders maintaining a support role. Attendance fluctuates greatly usually forming around the school year. We are greatly blessed to have the involvement of some Nipawin Bible College students in the outreach to children overseen by one of our ministry team couples, Marsden and Mandy Giesbrecht.

An introduction pamphlet has been designed to hand out as we visit the native community; always with the intention of building relationships through which we can love people in Jesus Name. Our ministry mandate is to honour God and His Word, grow in worship and prayer, and Love people!