Carl & Brenda Ens

Aylsham, SK

Children & Drama Ministry

We have been in full time ministry since 1988 serving in the areas of Pastoral ministry (14 years with Village Missions) and Children's ministry since that time. We use Chalk drawings, Object Lessons, Storytelling, etc. to share the message with children. We joined Healing Hearts Ministries in December of 2015 and have been enjoying the fellowship of other missionaries who desire to bring the healing message of Jesus' love to wounded hearts!

At present our ministry includes Children's ministry (travelling to reserves, camps and churches) across the country to present the gospel to children and families. We are also involved in a church ministry team in Aylsham, where we have 3 services per month, along with Bible Studies and just getting involved in the lives of the people of our community!

God has been at work and we have seen a number of people put their faith in Christ in the past several years. Many of them have been seniors as we live in a small community with many seniors.

Another area of ministry God has given to us is drama, where we take the lives of either Biblical or historical characters and bring them to life, sharing how God has used these individuals to make a huge impact on our world for the cause of Christ! We're always looking for open doors to share the gospel with children and adults.

We have three grown children: Karla [Jonah] Sawatzky, Jared, and Jennifer [Andrew] Wilton. We have been blessed with 5 precious grandchildren as well.