Gisela Roesel

Gisela Roesel

Healing Hearts Ministries Regina, SK

Women's Ministry (On loan from NCEM)

Gisela was born in 1946, a year after World War II ended. She and her mother escaped twice, first in 1947 from Silesia (today Poland) to communistic East Germany and finally to West Germany in 1950.

Her mom married when she was five, desperately hoping to find a better life. Difficult reasons forced them to leave relatives in northern Germany, and they finally settled in the beautiful countryside of Bavaria. However, life was hard because they were Protestant refugees, and not welcome in Catholic Bavaria. This rejection added to the already chronic stress level of their family and resulted in her personal deep woundedness. No one knew about it but it crippled her for the future.

In Bavaria she developed a passion for outdoor sports. As a teenager, pop-rock music, dances, parties and boyfriends became very important; while at the same time, despair and dissatisfaction grew in her heart. She lacked all the years of warmth, care, acceptance and love from her parents and felt she had no identity.

As soon as possible she left home. At the age of 17 she moved to Munich to become a laboratory technician. As a student, Gisela was busy with activities. Still, she was searching for answers. She was invited to be part of a student Bible study group where she was so excited to discover that Jesus was her Lord, Planner, Creator, Forgiver and Companion. She recognized and confessed her sin and a process of change began in facing emotional, behavioral, and family problems, and worldly things.

In 1966, she attended Bible school (near Stuttgart) and 1968 eventually became a member in an Evangelical deaconess community. She served as a teacher for sports, crafts and art in a boarding/Bible school in Germany plus had additional opportunities to reach out for Jesus through youth groups, ladies Bible studies, family retreats and camping.

In 2003, after reading the biography of 19th century missionary James Evans, she became interested in Canadian Native ministry. In August 2006, she began ministry with Healing Hearts Ministries Inc. in Regina. In April 2015, she returned to Germany where she continues to do ministry.