Greg and Joni Taylor

Greg and Joni Taylor

Partnering with InterAct Ministries & Native Fellowship Church, Loon Lake, SK

Youth and Family Ministry

In the fall of 2006, Joni started an internship at Healing Hearts Ministry in Regina as part of her 4th year with Millar College of the Bible. She helped with youth group, kids club, Sunday morning worship, took part in ladies group, leadership meetings, and did a bunch of odds and ends. She learned a lot during that time!

After her internship was over she headed back to her hometown, Loon Lake, Saskatchewan,(Makwa Sahgaiehcan First Nation) with the intention of tying up some loose ends and heading out of there. Through some different events and circumstances God opened her eyes to the opportunities in Loon Lake and He opened her heart to being willing to take those opportunities.

After about a year of doing ministry, Joni recognized the need to be part of an organization or group for accountability, encouragement, and connection. She looked into many great mission organizations but nothing seemed to fit. After a conversation with leadership at Healing Hearts Ministry they said, "Why not step under the umbrella of our ministry?!" In September 2010, she formally began her ministry with Healing Hearts Ministries Inc.

In Loon Lake, she is partnered with Dick and Ruth Browning (Interact Ministries) as well as the Native Fellowship Church, doing youth and children’s ministry. She is also heavily involved in the summer ministry at Silver Birch Bible Camp. It's exciting and such a blessing to be a part of what God is doing in her community!

In September 2015, she married Greg Taylor and they continue doing youth and family ministry.