Kelly & Nancy Morton

Healing Hearts Ministry, Regina SK

Kelly - Board Member
Nancy - Prayer Ministry, Ladies Ministry, Youth Ministry

In the fall of 2015 Kelly and I joined the Healing Hearts team. Our family has been attending and serving within the Healing Hearts church since the fall of 2000. We have four kids: Jeremy, Jordan, Alisha, Eric. We spend much of our time together talking and laughing around the coffee table. Kelly and I are both from Weyburn and have lived in Regina for almost 23 years.

Over the years of attending Healing Hearts we have helped in many areas. Our prayers turned our ideas and dreams into the work we are doing today. Kelly serves on the Healing Hearts Board, and is involved with the worship team and Men’s Ministry at the church; he also is very creative with fundraising events. Although I am involved in many areas, as when we first attended, it was the step in joining the Healing Hearts team that has set my path on its course.

Saying yes to the voice which was guiding me and living out my purpose confirmed who I always was; a daughter of Christ hurting on the inside willing to share it with those around me. The care and compassion I have for others is something put there by God. It is a blessing to share what Christ is doing.