Ken & Debbie Matthews

Ken & Debbie Matthews

Healing Hearts Ministry Nipawin, Nipiwan SK

Church Planting

Ken and Debbie moved to Regina to work alongside of the Healing Hearts Ministry (HHM) team in January 2008. We had been field missionaries with Northern Canada Evangelical Mission (NCEM) for 20 years first in Val d'Or, Quebec, and then in Nova Scotia. In October 2010, the Lord lead us to become a part of a native church plant under HHM in Nipawin. At the time of the formation of this church plant we officially left NCEM in order to have the members of the ministry team under the one leadership umbrella of HHM.

As missionaries we seek to major on relationship building and minor on programs although the *programs themselves give us opportunity to build on those relationships and give us a place to fellowship together.

There were two things over the years that we grew to see the need for as missionaries. One was a team to be a part of so that we could give and receive support with people of like mind and heart. The second was to have some sort of gathering place that we could invite the people that we were getting to know too for the reasons mentioned above*. The Lord has graciously provided both of these things at First Nations Gospel Chapel and we strive to be faithful in whatever He leads us in on a day to day basis. We wear many hats on this ministry team as we share pastoral, teaching and administrative responsibilities along with the rest of the team.

We are especially blessed in this season of life to be able to have regular interaction with our children and grandchildren as their lives and choices are of utmost importance to us. We do live far from our aging parents and pray continually about the level of our involvement in their care.