Marsden & Mandy Giesbrechts

Marsden & Mandy Giesbrecht

Healing Hearts Ministry Nipiwan, Nipiwan SK

Church Planting

Marsden and Mandy have been watching the Lord develop them through multiple ministry transitions. They have seen God work in and through them all along the way. They have been blessed to see the Spirit at working in the communities of Indian Brook and Millbrook, Nova Scotia; Kinistin, Saskatchewan; and most recently, in Nipawin, Saskatchewan. Along the way they have been blessed with three beautiful children Kora, Naiomi, and Isaac. Their children are a constant reminder of God’s goodness!! Although this journey has already been almost ten years long, they feel that it is only just beginning.

The Giesbrechts feel blessed to be able to serve God in many different venues and partnerships. God seems to be leading them on a journey and bringing opportunities to them that are specifically suited to their giftedness and heart for ministry.

They have opportunity to serve in a Healing Hearts Church in Nipawin (First Nation’s Gospel Church), with an NCEM wilderness camp (Higher Challenge), with Bible school students (Nipawin Bible College), and with a developing missionary training program (PATH).

They are involved in Preaching, Teaching, Camp Ministries, Children’s Ministries, Mentoring, Discipleship, Encouraging Believers, and Friendship Evangelism. God is continually revealing His plans, and they are eager to see how their ministry continues to develop in Nipawin.

Within Healing Hearts Ministries there is freedom to serve the Lord according to the passion and gifting that God has given and this is expressed in the variety of ministries that Marsden and Mandy are a part of!