Nick & Vivian Helliwells

Nick & Vivian Helliwell

Healing Hearts Ministry, Regina SK

Nick - Director of Men’s Ministry

As founding members of the Healing Hearts community, God’s grace on Nick & Vivian is clearly evident as they employ their past experiences to minister, teach and reach people all around them who struggle. Jesus Christ saved and redeemed their lives in January of 1994 reaching into a mire of anger, abuse and addictions. Experiencing numerous foster homes growing up and coming out of a notorious crime family, Nick has been referred to by people on both sides of the law as “the real deal.”

Vivian also, often shares a powerful testimony of her healing journey how Jesus Christ has brought her the victory over abuse in her childhood; abuse that carried on into her life as a young adult and almost destroyed her life.

Today, Nick & Vivian both actively reach into the community they came out of. Serving fulltime as faith missionaries in Regina’s aboriginal and inner-city communities; having lived in Regina most of their lives, they offer insightful empathetic perspectives on the street level and First Nations ministries.

Their lives are a testimony of God’s heart changing healing principles upon which Healing Hearts was founded. A gifted communicator, Nick’s insightful speaking engagements have included Promise Keepers Canada workshops, missionary conferences, Bible and theological seminaries, in addition to, both media and pulpit invitations. Examples of a seminar teaching, an interview as well as numerous sermons can be found on the Healing Hearts Ministries Inc. web pages.

In addition to serving as Healing Hearts Pastor of Men’s Ministry, Nick’s ministry to men includes serving as a half-time chaplain at the Regina Provincial Corrections Centre, being a chaplain with the Regina Qu’Appelle Health District, as well as visiting the Community Training Residence where men from the jail transition back to the community.

Nick and his wife Vivian have raised many children in their twenty years together. Although they were unable to have children of their own, and aside from Vivian’s three children, now grown, they have also shared their home at various times with foster children as well as adopted children, ten grandchildren, as well as couples and people in crisis..